Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is maintained by volunteers and enjoyed by everyone. There are activities scheduled throughout the summer that are fun for all ages, so there are plenty of opportunities for fun with the family! The Garden has an area for relaxing, a track for exercising, forest trails, and a walk across the pond with information boards that explain the life in the pond. The Garden adds new ideas all the time, and it will keep growing to fit the changing needs of the community. Everyone has a chance to help out!

Outdoor Learning Park

The Outdoor Learning park was built in 2009 by the Friends of Deckers Creek. It includes a green space with educational opportunities and options for recreational activities. One of the unique aspects about the Outdoor Learning Park is that the green space also educates visitors on topics and issues in our environment. This type of education is linked to improving concentration levels in children with attention deficits, and the paths from the rail trail to the creek help lower childhood obesity.In all, the Outdoor Learning Park is a place to promote a healthy  community for both people and the environment.